sabato 18 gennaio 2014


Hi everyone! This is nothing bad so don't worry :)
My game is still playing fine I've just decided I will get a new computer. My computer is really old, it wasn't even new when I got it, and it really shows when playing games.
My Sims 3 neighbourhood was running fine at first, but now that I'm reaching the second generation and it got fairly populated it slowed down so much I had to lower all settings to the minimum (maybe you've noticed in the more recent chapters).
I paused my legacy for now and I probably will get back to it once I have my new PC ready, hopefully around the beginning of February.

I will be building it myself as I couldn't find one with everything I wanted and reasonably priced, they all either miss one thing or have even more that what I want but cost double the price. I'm already excited about it, I've spent like two weeks looking up the parts I want. Finally I'll get a good gaming computer.
It will have a AMD FX8320 processor with an Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 motherboard and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 graphic card. It won't be a super computer but hopefully it will let me play a bit better :)

giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

Generation 01: Chapter Five

Miranda saw it while out for one of her jobs. A unicorn, she couldn't believe her eyes at first. It emanated a soft glow and flowers grew where it stepped, that was surely a magical being.

She tried to befriend it, but the creature was elusive and soon disappeared.

At home while Maya was playing in the bathtub, the kittens aged up.

Even if they're almost bigger than her now, Maya still cares for her kittens.

Then Miranda decided to buy a new horse.

And the horses get to know eachother.


This is really just a pet picture spam XD but since it does include some progression I still post it as a new chapter. I hope I'll get to adopt the unicorn!

domenica 5 gennaio 2014

Generation 01: Chapter Four

Miranda wasn't ready to be a mother, she was great at taking care of her pets but pets still want their own space. Children needs to be taken care of almost all the time.

She started to accept more jobs so she didn't have to think about it. 

She hired a baby sitter to look after them, the kids seemed to be fine, spending most of their time playing.

Occasionally there were days like this, when the baby sitter wouldn't do her job and Miranda came back home to dirty, tired and starving children. The crying was so loud that it could be heard from outside. She gave them their bottle and left them there to sleep on the floor while she went to sleep herself.

She managed to potty train them though, and even read them some children books. She wasn't so terrible as a mother after all.

Even if teaching them was hard she knew she had to at least try.


Not a very happy family but after all if a woman gets pregnant while drunk and has to keep the baby will she be happy? Maybe, but not so easily. She's starting to roll wants to teach them stuff though, so it may not be as bad as it looks :)

Author's notes

  • I wanted them to dislike her or even just barely know her but since she's raising her charisma (with all those boosts involved) and still needs to look after them once or twice a day waking up/going to sleep... it's not really working, they're friends.
  • I actually aged up one of the twins with a cheat because for some odd reasons he was displayed as one day younger O_o
  • There's a reason if you only see Alessio in the 'teaching' pics (its not that Andrea wasn't taught anything, they actually grown up well) , that's because she always roll wishes for him first. She even wanted to send him an sms but toddlers can't use phones. XD

giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

Generation 01: Toddler Pic Spam

Short after the babies grew up too.


You should be able to tell who they are by the color of their clothes, aren't they so cute!

Author's notes

  • Andrea's hair change between pictures because I originally wanted to give them matching hairstyles but then I noticed they don't have the same haircolor so...
  • Alessio's brown hair may be because Miranda has brown roots... or just a random game mix.

    venerdì 27 dicembre 2013

    Generation 01: Chapter Three

    Miranda also soon discovers that Maya, her cat, was expecting too. Almost mocking her she gave birth to three cute kittens, Miranda watches them and hopes to not give birth to triplets herself but the kittens are so cute. She called them Hanna, Zoe and Simon.

    Miranda thought it was time to cook something for them, living alone made her develop her cooking skills so she doesn't have to live of fastfood anymore.

    And right then the baby decided it was time to come out.

    Then she discovered it wasn't one baby but two!

    And that's how Alessio and Andrea Spires joined the family.

    Miranda setted up two cribs upstairs. One was in her old room, the walls were still painted her favourite color. It will need to get changed since a little boy may not like to sleep surrounded by all that pink.

    On a full moon night, the twins were asleep and Miranda aged up to adult, nothing too bad only a few more wrinkles on her face.


    I'm glad I managed to made her listen to enough kid's radio to get twins (and not more) because her personality doesn't really fit for romance... so now I'm done with gen 1 and I can focus on who to make heir :) comments are appreciated!

    Author's notes

    • Alessio likes country music, aloo masala curry and the color black. He's athletic and a heavy sleeper.
    • Andrea likes country music (yes, they like the same type of music), dim sum and the color turquoise. He's clumsy and friendly.
    • If anyone's wondering the twins are both male.
    • She will not have that cherry tattoo in later chapters because my idea was that she got it because of the twins, but then looking more closely I noticed that it's three cherries and not two... so I picked another one XD  
    • I've removed the full moon from my game, it's useless since I disabled warewolves and now I won't have zombies and weird lightning anymore.

    martedì 24 dicembre 2013

    Generation 01: Chapter Two

    I remember people gossiping about me being a party animal, I probably should have stopped drinking then but let's start from the beginning...

    It started as a normal day, I bathed and brushed Maya and Jack...

    Then I went out practicing horseriding, I'm getting better at it but I still have up and downs.

    Also stopped at the salon and got some new tattoos.

    Then I went out to a local bar. It was full, there was even a band playing.

    The bartender was kinda cute but the way he looked at me was a little scary. Don't they use uniforms in here? Isn't a yellow t-shirt a bit too casual? I also vaguely remember talking about my pets with someone...

    I lost track after the fifth or sixth drink. There was a cute sim that I flirted and made out with a bit, but the memory is all blurry.

    I felt weird the day after but I thought that maybe I had too much to drink. I focused on work to keep my mind occupied.

    I had a new case. Eric was still unsure about marriage, his girlfriend Ava had asked me to check on him before, apparently his family is strongly against them getting married. They're living in the same house and already have a family together, quite a big one with their six children, it's obvious they're a good match so I just told him to go for it. If he really loves her the choice should be easy. 

    I felt a little nauseous later, nothing so bad to go to the hospital though.

    When I finally realized what was happening it was too late to do anything, I was expecting a baby and it was going to be soon.

    The second generation is ready to come out! I don't usually write in first person but I thought it was fitting this time :) what do you think?

    Author's notes

    • I had downloaded a bunch of new stuff before playing including a new skintone and eyes default replacements. Miranda has a custom skintone so she didn't change much but maybe you noticed the new eyes.
    • I just decided this will also be a traitacy, I will update it on the sidebar soon, to read the rules for it you may go here. Miranda's highlighted trait is "Animal Lover".
    • The poses I used in this chapter are 104° Fever and Beauty in Pregnancy.
    • During her pregnancy Miranda only got the "pregnant" moodlet and sometimes the "backache" one with the want to get a massage. I wanted to show a vomiting scene but she didn't have any nausea at all. 

    domenica 22 dicembre 2013

    Miranda's new office

    With the money Miranda has earned with her job I made her an office, so I will also have a place to display her trophies when she'll get them.
    I think it came out quite well, it's under the garage because I haven't figured out yet how to put a staircase on foundations and in the end I just used a ladder because the space wasn't enough anyway...

    The one outside the door its supposed to be a little waiting room, there's the investigator's special door but you can't see it cause I had to take the walls down. The office itself looks a bit empty seen like this, I have the feeling there's something missing but I don't know what it is.

    This is where I placed the job board she got with her latest promotion.

    Miranda seems to enjoy her new office, she really needed it cause the house doesn't have any electronics (I also bought her a laptop).

    And this is all, I don't even know if I'll show her office in the story. This was a bit of a challenge since I'm not very good at decorating XD

    The first screenshot looks a bit different because I changed all the in-game lights to pink, and I took that one when they were still white, I personally prefer the pink light.

    I was thinking of laying her magnifying glass and fingerprint kit on a table or something, but I don't know if she can still do her job without them in her inventory. I've never really played the Private Investigator career before.